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12 Pieces Of The Inner Peace Or Peace Of Mind Puzzle

You want to be happy almost always, right? Then you need inner peace or peace of mind. Here then are 12 steps to practice. They are not in any particular order; just do them one at a time. Take a week to practice each one:

  1. Practice emotional control that is, self-control or self-discipline. This includes working on gaining more patience and releasing hurts. Everyday go over and work again on the behaviors that you have difficulty controlling. Keeping a daily journal will help you keep track of your progress properly.


  1. Accept all aspects of yourself ‘as is’ while committing to engage in reasonable and healthy self-improvement (with help, if required).


  1. Keep being respectful & polite to everyone. It’s about you not them.


  1. Actively do to and for others what you would like for yourself.


  1. Help others whenever you can.


  1. Practice gratitude.


  1. Practice forgiving others and yourself for big and small things.


  1. Practice kindness, which includes sharing.


  1. Try always to do the right thing.


  1. Engage in relaxation activities especially laughing often.


  1. Develop a connection or relationship with a Positive Higher Power, religious or otherwise, as a sanctuary for peace of mind.


  1. Speak with kindness and understanding to yourself, not to cover up faults but to accept them in order to remedy them.


Repeat these 12 steps until you master each one or become comfortable practicing them. For detailed information, see the Emotional Wellness Page, the instructional program: Mass Mental Health Education For Everyone and the book: “TO YOUR HAPPINESS: A Self-Healing Guide to Peace of Mind” on the Publication Page