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About Us

The general Purpose and Intention of this website is to communicate the following:

  • Peace of mind is the single best state we all need to have, provide and share. Unity is when our hearts touch in mutual understanding and acceptance. Together peace of mind and unity bring happiness.
  • Showing loving-kindness is a key action that promotes happiness for self and others.
  • Always, we need never forget to consider ‘the less’ among us – the less fortunate, gifted, connected, able etc.
  • In addition, each of us needs to demonstrate these attributes from the heart (i.e. with sincerity and empathy). That’s why our motto is: “Inner Peace, Unity & Love in a Safe World” ©

With respect to our Objectives, we strive to:

  • Contribute to improving mental & spiritual health and outlook
  • Share mental health issues and solutions
  • Promote emotional self-care and self-healing
  • Promote positive psychology issues
  • Indicate ways of achieving inner peace, happiness or joy to as many people as possible who come to this site


Equipping individuals, groups and nations to have a strong and continuing desire to help or lead the way to transforming our world into a place in which everyone enjoys inner peace and happiness


To help spread the ingredients for maintaining happiness and spirituality worldwide by sharing, teaching and celebrating whatever is proven to produce or maintain peace of mind or inner peace.

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