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With the goal of analyzing and contributing to the quest for inner peace or peace of mind, the research segment of this section allows readers to assess and monitor their emotional health by learning about as well as participating in research projects.

The Safety-Oriented Personality Style (SOPS) describes a group of behavioural characteristics, which identify individuals whose life has been taken over by fear and anxiety. This personality style, a challenge to peace of mind, may have developed from parental influences or one’s own early life. (See the article on “What the Heck Is SOPS?) By doing this same questionnaire as those who participated in the original research project you will find out how you compare with those who were classified as having SOPS.

The original research study titled “Empirical Evidence for a New Class of Personality Disorder: The Safety-Oriented Personality Style or Phobicentric Psychopathology (SOPS/PCP) and Impact on Personality Psychology” was published in July 2018.

To obtain a picture of your usual pattern of emotional functioning, which would indicate the level of your peace of mind or inner peace you may complete this questionnaire if you click here

(i) BEWS (In construction)
(ii) SOPS Questionnaire (In construction)