A community for adults,  seeking hope, encouragement, joy, Inner Peace, Unity & Love in a Safe World


Here is a meeting place of adults seeking and sharing hope, encouragement, joy and peace.


This life is short: Rid yourself of all emotional suffering.


Make finding peace of mind and doing good everyday your best goal.

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Your Emotional Wellness

How Do You Deal With What’s Missing In Your Love Relationship?

1 Segment

Who Are You Today? – Healing From Yesterday’s Hurts

A 6 part series.


Matters of Faith

Bible-Based Parenting: The Easy Way Out Is Not The Best Way – Food For Thought

1 Segment

Is Love In The Bible An Emotion?

1 Segment

Is the Prosperity Gospel Really in Error or Harmful? And there are more thought-provoking topics?

7 segments.


Bringing Peace & Joy To The World

What Is The Scientific Basis For Dismissing Belief In God?

1 Segment

Yes, Your Happiness Can Bring About World Peace

3 Segments

Who Has It Right, Science or Christianity?

3 Segments

Christians Must Show Love And Compassion; And Speak Out For Refugees In The United States

1 Segment