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A community for adults,  seeking hope, encouragement, joy, Inner Peace, Unity & Love in a Safe World


Here is a meeting place of adults seeking and sharing hope, encouragement, joy and peace.


This life is short: Rid yourself of all emotional suffering.


Everyday make your peace of mind and doing good your best goal.

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When Is Wealth Damaging to Christian Living and Teaching?

| Faith Matters | No Comments

And What Did Jesus Say? From a more general view pertaining to criticisms of the so-called prosperity preachers it seems to me that too much has been made of the lifestyle of some of those their critics have accused of teaching a non-Scriptural theology. Because of the relative nature of riches, money or wealth, what one person may see as representing wealth another may consider normal living. For example compare the senior Pastor of a large church in a high-income…

Who Are You Today? Healing From Yesterday’s Hurts: Part 6

| Improving Your Emotional Health | No Comments

Part 5 If You Can Change, You Will Heal Many examples and ideas have already been provided in other parts of this blog topic to assist you with changing from the disturbed individual you were a moment ago (or a few hours, a week, month, years ago) to being less troubled in the present. Your constant transformations tell you that you are not truly the same person all the time. There are many ways can understand that fact now after…

Who Are You Today? Healing From Yesterday’s Hurts: Part 5

| Improving Your Emotional Health | No Comments

Part 4 ‘This-will-make-me-feel-better’ Thoughts You need to approach the examination of your situation, ready to accept the way it is; being honest to yourself about it, facing the facts. The start of healing is to agree with yourself there is a better way to look at it. You can describe a glass with water half-way up (that could stand for the amount of problems in your life) as either half-full or half-empty, whichever way makes you feel better able to…